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Il vino è pragmatismo che si trasforma in anima, è il lavoro delle mani che sa giungere al cuore. È la mattina alle cinque nei filari che diventa una bevuta tra amici.
Un discorso sulla tostatura delle botti che si fa saggezza.

Giorgio Anselmet
Gli Anselmet sono stati pionieri della riscoperta e valorizzazione di vitigni autoctoni dimenticati quali il Petit Rouge, il Cornalin, il Fumin, il Mayolet, e il Muscat.
Ma sono stati anche coraggiosi divulgatori dei vitigni internazionali, coltivati e vinificati secondo un autentico spirito valdostano.

Maison Anselmet è dedizione pura alla sperimentazione e indomita curiosità verso le tecniche vitivinicole più adatte a esaltare il carattere dei vini valdostani.

Una vocazione artigianale alla ricerca che ha permesso alla cantina di Villeneuve di tracciare la via al perfezionamento della viticoltura locale, rivelando al mondo le infinite potenzialità dei terroir e dei vitigni coltivati lungo la valle della Dora Baltea.

Info e orari


I nostri percorsi di degustazione sono disponibili su prenotazione secondo gli orari di apertura della cantina, a cui è sempre possibile rivolgersi per ordini e acquisti.

Lunedì: chiuso Da martedì a sabato: 10.00 – 17.00.


Maison Anselmet
Fraz. Vereytaz, 30
11018, Villeneuve AO
Tel. +39 0165904851
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Wine is practicality that transforms into the soul, it is the work of the hands that know how to reach the heart. It is staying between the rows in the morning at five that turns into a drink with friends. A discourse on the toasting of barrels that becomes wisdom.
Giorgio Anselmet
The Anselmet were pioneers in the rediscovery and enhancement of forgotten indigenous grape varieties such as Petit Rouge, Cornalin, Fumin, Mayolet, and Muscat. But they were also courageous spreaders of international vines, grown and vinified according to an authentic Aosta Valley spirit.

Maison Anselmet is pure dedication to experimentation and indomitable curiosity towards the most suitable winemaking techniques to enhance the character of Aosta Valley wines.

An artisanal vocation for research that has allowed this Villeneuve winery to trace the path to perfecting local viticulture, revealing to the world the infinite potential of the terroirs and vines grown along the Dora Baltea valley.


For me, the vineyard has a monumental and religious character. I go to the vineyard knowing that I am entering a sacred dimension: every good deed has the right reward and every mistake generates irreversible consequences.
Giorgio Anselmet.
The heart of the production are the plots of Villeneuve and Saint Pierre, located on the left of the Dora, called Adret, the best exposed to the sun: here the rows grow on soils poor in organic matter, which compels the vine to go deep and put the maximum effort to reach the full ripeness of the grapes.

The Central Valley,
the heart of Aosta Valley viticulture

The vineyards of Maison Anselmet are all located in the so-called Central Valley, a territory of morainic origin, with the characteristic «V» shape given by the progressive disappearance of ancient glaciers that have given way to the waters of the Dora Baltea. Downstream, the soil is pebbly and sandy, while higher up it becomes steep and rocky, forcing Anselmet to a heroic viticulture, made up of handwork and diligent maintenance of the terraces. The star of the Central Valley is the climate, particularly suitable for the vine, which has found its chosen land here since the fifteenth century. Low rainfall, constant ventilation, excellent exposure and significant temperature variations give the wines a superior freshness and elegance, capable of surprising for the persistence and finesse of the aromas. .


Tradition, territory, technology, testimony.

In the cellar, Maison Anselmet does not follow fashion, styles or trends. It makes wine according to tradition, which means giving continuity to its history, recognizing its roots. It makes wine by listening to the territory, respecting the surrounding environment and its gifts. It makes wine using the best available technology, which it puts at the service of the expressiveness of the wines, aiming at a constant improvement and versatility of operations. Above all, Anselmet makes wine in testimony, to understand, capture and enhance the peculiarities and evolutions that each season indelibly impresses on mountain wines.


Each guest will be accompanied during the visit to the cellar, which will be followed by a tasting of our labels. We will devote particular attention to illustrating the characteristics of mountain viticulture and the special attention we reserve for each vineyard and each vinification process.
There are two tasting itineraries to choose from.


It is the tasting experience dedicated to those who are approaching the Aosta Valley viticulture for the first time and want to taste its fresher and younger essence.
The tour lasts for about 1 hour on average and includes:

• Visit to the cellar
• Guided tasting of 5 wines

Price 20€
Reservation required


An in-depth sensory immersion to discover the terroirs cultivated by the Anselmet family. It offers the visitor the unique opportunity to know and understand the profound relationship that binds the company's crus to our personal interpretation of the vintage. The tour lasts for about 1 hour and 30 minutes and includes:

• Visit to the cellar
• Guided tasting of 5 wines selected from our best crus and reserves

Price 40€
Reservation required

TEL. +39 0165904851
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